Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel


So Avon’s launching a whole new nail collection – with a much younger, funkier look. And you know what? These polishes are really rather good. We can see their appeal to a new generation of Avon devotees – but they’ve also made their way into our nail arsenal. The pretty pastels, in particular – Daysie yellow, Rain Washed pale blue and aqua Sweet Pea – have us dreaming of the sandal season to show them off. (They’re going to look pretty darned special with Jo’s new FitFlop Uma silver gladiator sandals, that’s for sure.)

Nudes more your thing? Plenty of those, too: the shades range from Ballerina-esque I Pink I Can through to milk chocolate-y Berry Nutty, via some super-chic greys. There are 35 in all, and they also boast nail-caring ingredients like safflower and avocado oils.

These are gel-finish polishes – not to be confused with nail gels; they're like a normal polish but shinier and more enduring ­– especially if you do as you’re told and use the vinyl Mark Gel Shine Top Coat. It can be used with any polish, actually, to turbo-charge its lifespan – and even if you don’t spring for the polishes themselves, is a ‘steal’ worth adding to your own nail-care kit.

Mark Gel Shine Nail Enamel and Mark Gel Shine Top Coat/£7 each at