Manuka Doctor Apiclear Balancing Micellar Cleansing Pads


We've reached 'peak dull skin'.

So these new micellar cleansing pads from Manuka Doctor (who've done so well in our Beauty Bible Awards over the years) landed on our desks at the perfect mo.

The Apiclear range they sit within is actually targeted at problem skins – but any dull complexion would benefit from these.

They’re ‘micellar’ – meaning they use that clever technology which ‘magnetises’ dirt and grub – so do a great job of deep cleansing. Beyond that, the texture is slightly ribbed – and therefore ever-so-slightly abrasive. (That may sound harsher than it is; the action’s gentle, but effective.)

We’re using them for an effective twice-weekly ‘brighten-up’, basically. (That glow-getting action's down to a light concentration of fruit acids, together with vitamin C.)

Oilier and combi skins could use them every day – though we wouldn’t really ever suggest anyone uses a wipe every single day (and you may find you need a separate product for the eye zone; they do a semi-good job there, but stubborn mascara remains). Work around nose and into the chin cleft, in particular. 

There’s a pretty, airy-floral scent to these which makes them a pleasure to use – however often.

£12.99 for 60 pads – buy here