MadeByZen aromatherapy diffusers


Last week Jo made a visit to the vast, ginormous, foot-wearying Spring Fair 2019 in Birmingham, to give a little speech. Marching through the many different halls, she spotted a fab stand for a company called MadeByZen, showcasing some of the most stylish aromatherapy diffusers we’ve ever seen.

There are lots of different models and we swooned over several. (The above is just an example, and cleverly comes with a remote control.) We suggest you head over to their website; although this is a wholesale/manufacturer, various gorgeous models are available at retailers up and down the country, and their location finder – here – will help you track down your nearest source.

They create their own aromatherapy blends – but of course, you can use any combo of essential oils you fancy.

Zen by name, definitely zen by nature…