Lush Charity Pot

We echo Lush's suggestion:  Apply Generously, Use It Up Quickly. And while we do applaud the efforts of brands who do a special 'charity' edition of a product (however slim the sliver that ends up going to a good cause), this is the kind of beautiful initiative that thrills us to the core.

Every penny raised from the Lush Charity Pot (except the VAT which that stingy old Chancellor creams off) goes to grassroots groups striving to make the world a greener place, or towards animal welfare and human rights charities.  (So wonderful to see a beauty brand tackling that.)

What's more, you know exactly where your money's going - because the lid of this black pot features details of the beneficiary charity.

Did we add:  it's based on organic cocoa butter and almond oil, with a melting texture and some really divine essential oils of geranium and ylang-ylang...?  Pretty darned sophisticated, actually.

And any body product that does good while it's doing your skin good is what we call a win-win.

UK readers find Lush Charity Pot at £6.95 for 95 g - buy here

International readers:  it's available all over the world;  click here for the international page to be directed to your own country's Lush website