Liz Earle Colour Healthy Glow Cream Blusher

Ooops.  Due to an OD of over-excitement, this went live before it should have.  Here's the correct version.  (We suspect we're not the only ones thrown by losing a Monday this week...!) Yesterday was a very exciting day in the history of Liz Earle:  Liz Earle Colour was unveiled.  (And yes, having known Liz and her business partner Kim Buckland since before they launched their company, we are v-e-r-y proud.)  There were literally queues outside the Kings Road store yesterday, with Liz Earle devotees so keen to get their hands on a complete new collection of goodies.

A couple of months ago we got our own hands on the range at an exclusive preview and fell in love with quite a few bits and pieces - in particular, these soft-as-velvet cream blushers.  The whole point about the Liz Earle Colour range is that it's basically totally goof-proof:  there isn't a shade in there that wouldn't flatter almost everyone.

The cream blusher compacts are super-slimline and weigh almost nothing.  If you're anything like us, a certain wan-ness sets in part-way through a busy day - but literally a dab of this and you're totally healthy-looking again.  The texture almost melts into skin and we'd bet that you could apply this even without the built-in mirror and get seamless results.  Our favourite, so-flattering shade?  Nude.  (Says it all.)

It's almost a complete, fully-formed range and we'll be bringing you more reviews on Beauty Bible Loves over the next few days and weeks...

Find Liz Earle Cream Blusher/£16.50 if you click here

NB  We have an unmissable competition on our Beauty Bible website to win an entire collection of Liz Earle Colour, plus the brilliant brushes - just click here for the entry page...