Keromask Camouflage Cream & Finishing Powder Sample Kit

We get many e-mails to our from readers distressed by skin conditions that need proper, serious camouflage.  Vitiligo, port wine birthmarks, scars...  While many women fret about the length of their eyelashes or a pimple or two, there are some distressing skin woes that can really undermine confidence. Enter Keromask, on a white charger!  The pictures inside the cover of this sampler kit show just how impressively this camouflage make-up can work - well, miracles.  There's a dark-skinned woman whose patches of vitiligo - all around her eyes - simply vanish.  And the chap whose portwine stain disappears as if Paul Daniels waved a magic wand over it.  It's also good for serious acne, and for dark circles.  It even works to cover tattoos.  (As many a bride can attest!  Truly:  your mother needn't find out about that dragon on your shoulder...)

Sure, there's a technique to master (involving application with a fine brush, and some mineral-rich finishing powder to 'set' the product).  But this highly-pigmented make-up is a true godsend for many women we know.  The absolute key, though, is to find a perfect match:  you can't just 'blend' this seamlessly into skin, so it's got to be as close as poss to your natural skintone.

These brilliant Keromask Sampler Kits, then, come in Light, Medium and Dark Skintone options so that you can experiment at very little cost with finding your best possible shade.  There are four different powders, and the rest are teeny pots of the Camouflage Creams.

And if you've felt blighted by a skin condition or 'imperfections', we can't recommend this too highly.  Because it truly is a case of 'Now you see it, now you don't...'

UK readers find Keromask Camouflage Cream & Finishing Powder Sample Kit/£4.99 by clicking here

Note to US readers:  we haven't found the sample kit on-line in the States yet, but stock the Concealer (known as Camouflage Cream in the UK), if you click here