Lanolips Rose Gold 101 Ointment


Just as we have ‘transitional’ clothes in our wardrobes – mid-way between opaques and bare legs, cashmere and linen – we all need make-up items that take us from the depths of winter to spring/summer.

We’ll be reaching for this in the next few weeks: the most gorgeous limited edition incarnation of Lanolips’s famous 101 Ointment. The original has a multiplicity of beauty uses – but as this is tinted with a gorgeous, lightly shimmering rosiness – you’ll want to use this on cheeks and lips only. (Pink cuticles probably not a good look.)

It adds a wonderful touch of rosy colour with just a dab – and packs all the usual lano-powered nourishment of this multi-award-winning balm.

And are we allowed a packaging rave? Because this is just so gorgeously cheery-making. Making Lanolips Rose Gold 101 Ointment definitely one of the joys of spring…

£13 for 9g – buy here