La Montaña scented candles: The Star Collection

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This is simply joy unbounded for lovers of scented candles – and we don't know anyone who isn’t….  Black sparkly treasure chests of our favourite fragrant candles in small (but not mini) sizes, there are three options to suit all pockets.  We’re mighty tempted to do a large number of our Christmas presents here.

So… La Montaña: this award-winning home fragrance brand was founded by our dear friend Cassandra Hall and her scriptwriter husband Jonathan after they decamped to live part of the year half way up a Spanish mountain.

The seven evocative fragrances are based on the aromas they inhaled around them, from atmospheric First Light and Cloudburst to floral Galán de Noche night-scented jasmine and Sacred Roses, redolent of deep red roses and cool cloisters. Winter Oranges is laced with cinnamon and cloves and Three Kings with cedarwood, frankincense and myrrh are the essence of the festive season and Alfredo’s Café is perfect for chaps with its notes of dark tobacco, coffee and brandy.

We thought of telling your our favourites but it’s almost impossible to choose.  If you’re feeling generous (and remember you deserve spoiling too), splurge on the full collection, which retails at a special Christmas price of £75 but is worth £126. 

OR choose a twinkly box with three individually boxed minis – you choose the three – for £49. 

The other option is a mini duo of La Montaña’s Christmas bestsellers: Winter Oranges and Three Kings, for £32.

That's our present boxes ticked then... Order them from, post free within the UK.

From £32-£75 - buy here