The Kind Planet Company Power Balm


Everyone we know is exercised about palm oil. It’s ‘the new plastic’, in terms of environmental concerns. We surely all know about the plight of the endangered orangutans, and way this crop is becoming a monoculture, replacing the rainforest that’s so important in the battle against climate change.

The issues are complicated, though – and it can be hard to know for sure that what really is a wonder ingredient is sustainably sourced. (What’s shameful, meanwhile, is that notwithstanding our efforts to avoid unsustainable palm oil in beauty and food, under a European Fuels Directive, it’s very often added to diesel fuel and actually BURNED in our cars!)

So: this is the first beauty product that we’ve come across to be certified by Palm Done Right, an international campaign. They work with communities in countries where oil palms grow – it only flourishes in a narrow band around the Equator. All the palm oil is organically-certified – and actually, that’s a short-cut when you’re looking for sustainable palm oil; organic standards disallow palm oil from plantations planted after rainforest clearance. Farmers are also paid a ‘Fair for Life’ premium, for their harvest.

You can read all about their really encouraging work here.

The Kind Planet Company Power Balm is based on Palm Done Right-certified palm oil. A wonderful ‘red’ palm oil that we’ve never encountered before, but which perhaps contributes to the soft, skin-nurturing texture of this multi-tasking balm, which also features hemp, rosehip and jojoba oils, as well as shea butter. (If you were really pushed, this could be your desert island essential, doing everything from removing make-up to moisturising, nourishing nails, heels, dry bits, soothing lips…)

It also happens to smell wonderful – lavender, frankincense, mandarin feature. Palm done right – and balm done right, too.

£15 for 50 ml – buy here