Josh Wood Colour System

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Josh Wood is one of the haircolour world’s superstars. (Not for nothing is he known as the ‘King of Colour’.) And now you can have a superstar in your very own bathroom, with this very exciting new range – a ‘colour system’, as he puts it.

There is at-home permanent hair colour, offering 100% coverage for grey, and available in unique half-shades for the best shade match (spanning Darkest Brown to Lightest Blonde).

But even more excitingly is a collection of other innovations. There’s a colour care collection – including a fantastic, glossing Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask. But beyond that, if regrowth or ‘fade’ is a problem between colouring sessions, you 100% want to know about these.

Josh Wood Colour Tinted Dry Shampoo (£10 for 75 ml) You can use this on damp or dry hair to conceal roots, in dark brown, mid-brown and darker blonde tones.

Josh Wood Colour Blending Brush (£15) Not the first brush-on temporary colour, of course, but this stays put for up to three washes. You apply on damp or dry hair and then blast with heat from a dryer to seal in the pigment.

Josh Wood Colour Root Smudger (£12) Unlike most root cover-ups, this comes with a sponge applicator, for super-easy concealment of grey roots that lasts up to three washes. 

Josh Wood Colour Root Marker (£8) This is the handbag must-have, for all grey-haired women who colour their hair: the easiest-peasiest way to swiftly conceal stray grey hairs (and it works on brows, too).

Josh Wood Colour Shade Shot (£5 for 25 ml)  A boost of colour to warm up or cool down your current shade, with options for blonde and brunette hair. (This is meat-and-potatoes to professional colourists, but it’s never been so each to achieve the effects at home.)

And – we know we shouldn't be swayed by such things, but we’re loving the new branding by Pearlfisher (the design agency which transformed the identity of Jo’s Green & Black’s chocolate, way back when, helping to propel it from niche brand to mainstream chocolate name).

Basically, it all translates to: no more grey days, if you don't want them. Ever.

Josh Wood Root Concealers £8-15 – buy here

Josh Wood Colour Care Shampoos/Conditioners £10-15 - buy here

Josh Wood Shade Shots buy here