Jones the Bones Muscle and Joint Oil


Yesterday we wrote about how Le Couvent des Minimes Gardener's Hand Collection is helping our garden-ravaged hands. Well, this is doing the same for our overworked bodies. Jones the Bones Muscle and Joint Oil was actually created by the Well Street Clinic, set up by George Jones (she's 'the bones'), a former Burberry and Emporia Armani model who moved to Wales and opened a centre which has become a mecca for new mothers and mums-to-be.

She's also created an all-natural collection of skin and therapeutic treats, in keeping with her philosophy. (We discovered them earlier this year at The Natural & Organic Products Show - but this massage oil is really coming into its own right now.)

It's just brilliant: a rich oil with high levels of hypericum, known since the Middle Ages for its therapeutic action. In addition - helping to create a wonderfully aromatic product, as well as an effective one - you'll encounter lavender, marjoram, rosemary and Roman chamomile.

It's already an award-winner (in the Welsh Hair & Beauty Awards, as well as being a finalist in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2014). We're finding it great for aching joints, weary muscles - and (thanks to the scent) tired minds, too.

Jones the Bones Muscle and Joint Oil/£12.95 for 100ml at