How to avoid infertility


Infertility is defined as being unable to get pregnant despite having regular unprotected sex. Around one in seven couples are estimated to have difficulty conceiving: that’s about 3.5 million people in the UK . Those bald figures reflect a range of long-lasting physical and emotional experiences. In the best outcomes, there is a baby; in others, an empty nursery and heartache.

For fertility expert Emma Cannon, author of The Baby-Making Bible, ‘It is vitally important to engage in your own fertility and gynaecology early in life. Fertility does not last for ever but it can be preserved through lifestyle choices.’ Here, Emma summarises the advice she gives her daughters Lily, 19, and Violet, 14.

● Understand your menstrual cycle and how to use it as a guide.

● Nourish yourself physically and emotionally with good food and joy.

● Eat food in its natural state and avoid processed foods and sugar.

● Avoid food or drink in plastic packaging as the plastic may contain oestrogen mimics, which can disrupt the hormonal system.

● Keep your weight balanced.

● Drink alcohol sensibly.

● Use contraception other than the pill. Barrier methods (condoms) will protect against STD s such as chlamydia, which is estimated to cause 25 per cent of fertility problems.

● Avoid tampons to encourage blood flow and for good menstrual health.

● Don’t smoke. Smokers are 30 per cent less fertile than non-smokers.

● If you want a big family, start in your early 20s.

● Consider acupuncture, which is now recommended for couples by fertility experts. Look to the British Acupuncture Council to find a local practitioner (

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