John Frieda Margaret Street Salon


We’ve been walking by this corner site en route to John Frieda’s original New Cavendish Street salon for over a year, tucked away down a little passage in so-fashionable-again Fitzrovia. Ever the perfectionist, it’s taken Mr. Frieda a while to get this salon just-so. But oh, was it ever worth the wait. Leaving aside the friendliness/talent balance of each and every John Frieda team member, which is the reason we’ve stayed so faithful to John Frieda since – yikes! – the mid-90s (when John himself first gave Jo a hairdo), it’s a stunning space.

Minimalist, yes – but warmed by tones of bronze and brown. Lots of room to spread out on the counters in front of you – ideal for working while you’re having your highlights done (as we often do). USB points to plug your phone in right by your side – ideal for topping up iPhone battery levels which plummet as the day wears on. Even a desk area, upstairs, which we’re tempted to turn into a London office. (John should really move into co-working spaces next, we reckon.)

And then there’s the brilliant team – with shout-outs in particular for Caroline (whose highlights attract compliments for Jo on a several-times-a-week basis), Josie (fastest blow-dry in town – and a great cutter) and Katrina, nifty nail queen. But whoever you see, we know you won’t be disappointed. (And let's give a little shout-out for the super-efficient desk team, meanwhile.)

Simply world-class, all round – and a Kirbigrip’s throw from Oxford Circus.

If it’s a guaranteed Great Hair Day you’re after, there’s nowhere we’d recommend more highly.

John Frieda, 58-59 Margaret Street, London W1W 8SN/020-7636 1401