Jo Loves… January

Jo loves… A blissful multi-tasking balm, a superior scrub and some all-natural pulse-point scents...

Lanolips Banana Balm  


I've become rather addicted to this, over the winter months.  (Even though the central heating hasn't been ramped up quite so skin-strippingly as usual.)  I love it for cuticles, for hard skin (heels are showing signs of wear - or were!), and as a lightly glistening balm, over lipstick.  It really does smell of banana - but not in a 'fake' way, like so many fruit-scented products.  (There is actual extract of banana in there, which is packed with potassium and natural oils.)  Naturally, being Lanolips - and that's naturally in every way - there's also plenty of skin-protective lanolin in this balm, making it perfect for use right now.

• Lanolips Banana Balm/£8.99 at - buy here

Tisserand Natural Perfume Roll-Ons

We're constantly asked for recommendations for all-natural fragrances - and there really aren't that many out there, at least on this side of the pond.  But these are a lovely way to fragrance yourself lightly, using aromatherapy oils.  What's more, they're inexpensive enough for 'layering':  apply two (or more, as I've been doing), and create your own customised aromatherapy scent.  (I like Inner Calm Orange Blossom, with Inner Joy Jasmine.  But such fun to play with!  And although they seem like 'single notes', they're actually blends:  Melissa, for instance, also has grapefruit, benzoin - akin to vanilla - and ho wood, which is reminiscent of rosewood.  A great morning wake-up scent, this one.)  Tisserand of course has a long aromatherapy heritage, so unlike most fragrances these should actually work on your mood.  Well, something's working:  I'm feeling decidedly chipper, in 2014!

• Tisserand Natural Perfume Roll-Ons/£9.99 for 10 ml at - buy here

Beau Jardin Citrus Grove Sugar Scrub

I'm just sooooo impressed with this very affordable range from Heathcote & Ivory.  But I'm really, really loving this sugar scrub:  nicely grainy and getting to work brilliantly on my slightly scaly, tucked-under-tights-for-too-long skin.  As you'll guess from the name, it smells pleasantly uplifting - and I love that it looks so pretty on the bathroom shelf, with its own mini-scoop.  It's mostly sugar with just a sprinkling of salt, but in terms of body-buffing, I'd be hard-pressed to name anything else at this price which does the job so well.  So far, I've 100% success rate with this 'steal' of a range - and still lots to explore.  Woohoo!

• Beau Jardin Citrus Grove Sugar Scrubat£13 for 400 g - buy here