Prepping for summer

We’re all going on a summer holiday…! (Well, sort of.) Sarah just can’t help trilling Cliff Richard’s old song as she trots round London pavements and thinks of being west Dorset for the WHOLE of August… garden, horses, a few guests, lots of friends, quite a lot of cooking and lots of, well, just happy hanging out and pottering with her husband (whose middle name is zen, she sometimes thinks).

Jo, meanwhile, is off to the beach at the end of her road. 'Nowhere I'd rather be in summer,' she says, swimshoes and picnic to the ready.

And Amy will be doing pretty much the same as Jo, beach days and fun with friends.

Holidays are vital so we’ll be on a bit of a go-very-slow-workwise and we hope you will be too.  We’ll be in touch a bit though - updating with daily 'Beauty Bible Loves', the occasional feature and a Tip of the Day, so do check in from time to time.  Catch up properly in September. But meanwhile, have a fab one, whether you're vacationing – or staycationing.