The Jean Barry Soap Company Alpaca Soap


The annual Natural and Organic Products Show is always a treasure trove of new discoveries, for us – and this year marked a very strong presence for the humble soap bar, currently undergoing a renaissance. Fewer of us want body washes and hand washes that are packaged in plastic, nowadays, so soap bars are booming.

The Jean Barry Soap Company’s aromatherapeutically-scented bars are hand-made in West Penwith, Cornwall. What really caught our eye on their stand were the felted soaps.

They’re like a flannel and soap in one, with the alpaca wool wrapped around several different scents of soap. It’s antibacterial, breathable and odour-resistant (so no fears about these going manky on the bathside) – and the slightly rough texture of the felt makes for a gentle exfoliation experience, as you wash. (NB They also make scent diffusers for the home which are fragranced only with essential oils, along with solid hand balms.)

Overlooking the countryside towards the Atlantic and the Isles of Scilly beyond, this soap company also offers soap-making workshops from April to September – and you can even meet the alpacas, Jessie James, Curly Bill, Billy the Kid and Larry.

How many soap companies invite you to do that, eh?

£5.95 each ­– buy here