Introducing #chanelbeautytalks


We love a 'Chanel-break', as we like to think of them. Chanel's really rather good at putting together short, tea-break-length films which can act as a punctuation mark in a busy/stressed/dull day. Their latest wheeze is a series of films called 'Chanel Beauty Talks' which kicks off with the bronzed goddess and Chanel No.5 model Gisele Bundchen chatting to Chanel's Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer, Lucia Pica.

This one's called #FreeYourGlow - and although Gisele doesn't QUITE deliver on her promises to share 'all her beauty secrets', there's a useful shopping list on the YouTube site for the products that deliver Gisele's 'Brazilian glow'.

Beats a biscuit and an umpteenth, that's for sure.

View it here #chanelbeautytalks