Browcote Waterproof Eyebrow Sealant


We’ve known Lipcote forever – admittedly, don’t use it ourselves, but have many friends who absolutely swear by it for keeping their lipstick firmly in place. And after all these years, someone’s had a ‘eureka’ moment at Lipcote and only gone and brought out something which does the same for brows.

Very brilliant it is, too: simply apply over your eyebrow pencil or powder, and your brows will still be defined right through to make-up removal time. Because the challenge with brow-defining products is that over the day, they tend somehow to disappear into the ether.

This totally fixes that problem but is invisible, and you won’t feel it’s there, either. We hope whoever thought of this got a socking great bonus.

Browcote Waterproof Eyebrow Sealant/£6.99 at