Innocent Alternative Milks


With more and more people waking up to the fact that they can tread more lightly on the planet by eating a more plant-based diet – and perhaps feel healthier for it – there’s an ever-wider choice of yummy vegan things that don’t make you feel deprived at all, for making the switch. (Maybe not all the time, but sometimes. And every little helps.)

But as longstanding scrutinisers of food and drinks labels, we’ve noticed that many so-called ‘healthy’ milk alternatives have a long list of ingredients we wouldn’t expect to find there (stabilisers, sweeteners, etc.)

Enter this trio of non-dairy milks from Innocent – already famed for their smoothies and juices, of course, but now with some really credible alternatives to dairy milk for use in tea, coffee, smoothies and recipes of all kinds (we’re loving the oat – the perfect accompaniment to porridge!). They feature just three ingredients: spring water, a pinch of sea salt, and whatever the key ingredient is – oats, hazelnut or almond. (Actually, hazelnut has just a touch of rice, for thickness.) No sugar – but in a drink, of course, you can add that to taste.

Whether or not you’re sensitive to dairy, whether or not you’re a meat-eater or a veggie, fact is that plant-based foods are here to stay. Already at Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s, these are just landing at Tesco and b.

V. vegan and really v. good.

£1.99 for 750ml – buy here