Heathcote & Ivory Vintage & Co Grand Circus Collection


Roll up, roll up – because we're telling you it is absolutely NOT too early to start thinking about Christmas. Not least because we predict this collection will fly off the shelves with the elegance, grace and speed of a circus trapeze artists.

You'll know if you're a regular reader that we are lovers of all things Heathcote & Ivory (not least because their collections are unbelievably reasonable). But this is the show-stopper collection of the lot, so far as we're concerned. Emblazoned with kaleidoscopic colours and illustrations of acrobats and animals, it's just joyous. (Much more fun than most ACTUAL circuses – with the exception of the marvellous Gifford's.

It's a big collection, so we're highlighting some favourites. (And could all Jo's friends and near relations click away now, please, to spoil some surprises...?)

Lip Balm in Mirrored Compact/£8. These mini compacts feature either elephants or tigers, opening up so you can slick on the lip-caring balm infused with cocoa and shea butters, olive oil and vitamin E, and lightly scented with spiced rum.

Hand Cream in a Tin/£8 for 100ml (see below). A fantastical embossed tin which we can think of lots of upcycled uses for (pens, make-up bits, stamps), containing a wonderfully hand-softening, sinks-in-fast, vitamin-E-and-shea-butter-enriched blend, again fragranced with their festive scent. (We think you'll love it.)


Bathing Tin/£12. Bigger tin (crayons, anyone?), with a full-size 100ml Shower Gel and 50ml travel-sized Body Lotion.  

12 Christmas Wishes/£14 (see below). The idea with this is that you open the first window on Christmas Day, all the way through to Twelfth Night – perfect for helping to combat a touch of post-Christmas comedown. Packed with hand treats of varying different kinds (circus-emblazoned emery boards, anyone?), so you are set to start 2020 with the softest of paws.

We honestly could go on – and on... But instead we're going to direct you to the collection online here. Just get that Christmas list out and start ticking. Because it is NEVER too early, is it?

From £6-14 - buy here