Heathcote & Ivory Bathing Flowers

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We’ve written about proudly British beauty brand Heathcote & Ivory’s Bathing Flowers before. But we’ve just discovered two new scents – and since we can’t decide between them, we’ll just tell you about both.

First off: what are they? Well, they’re soap flowers gently unwind as you soak to become a lusciously lathering soap. Sort of one per bath, basically, and it’ll do you top to toe.

The two scents we’ve only just discovered are Neroli & Lime Leaves – so sunny and fresh, a real sunshine-y smell (but with a touch of musk alongside the green leaves and white blossoms). The second is Lily of the Valley – just the most divinely spring-like of blooms (and it has us ferreting around in our real herbaceous borders for signs of this most favourite flower poking its nose through the earth).

They come in a lovely sliding box (once you’ve used up the flowers, don’t chuck it – store hankies or something inside it, because the box hangs on to the scent of the soap).

Everywhere we look, soap's having a moment. And is it any wonder, with delights like these?

£10 – buy here