Massage made easy


MASSAGE MADE EASY One of the most soothing things any of us can give or receive is massage. And you don’t have to be an expert to do it, according to Beata Aleksandrowicz, founder of Pure Massage ( ‘Even simple massage has great benefits. Life today induces so much stress and guided touch offers the perfect release,’ she says. Beata recommends these top-to-toe moves to try with another person. ‘Remember slow, precise movement is the key.’ The person being massaged should sit on a straight-backed chair with feet planted squarely and hands loosely in their lap.


A simple way to ease tension, dispel headaches and improve sleep.

● Stand behind your partner and place the fingers of both hands flat on their temples.

● As they breathe out, apply light pressure with your fingers and make five circles upward. Keep all fingers together and move very slowly.

● Use the same technique on the scalp, but this time spread your fingers over the head. As your partner breathes out, press in and make slow circles with your fingers, trying to gently stretch the tissue underneath rather than just rub the skin.


Release tension that can lead to head, neck and jaw pain.

● Stand behind your partner, place both hands lightly on their shoulders and ask them to breathe slowly and deeply five times. Then work on each shoulder by squeezing the muscles between the fingers and thumbs of both hands, using as much of your hands as possible in order to avoid pinching your partner’s skin.

● Lift and roll the muscles one side at a time between your fingers and thumbs, working from the base of the neck out to the top of the arms.

HANDS – working on the nervous connections in hands and feet can unlock tension and help your partner to relax.

● Sit facing each other and take your partner’s right hand in both yours. With your thumbs, make a series of circles on the top of your partner’s hand, increasing the size of the circle each time. This helps improve the circulation and eases tension in the joints.

● Turn the hand over and press your thumbs into the palm, making five circles. Change the starting point of the circle and repeat. Work all over the palm of your partner’s hand, making five small circles each time.

● Keep the movement slow and even.

● Repeat with your partner’s left hand.

FEET – the relief a foot massage provides surprises many people.

● Sit facing each other and hold your partner’s left foot flat on your lap. Supporting the sole with your left hand, make long, rhythmical strokes over the top of the foot with the palm of your right hand, moving from the toes towards the ankles.

● Holding the foot upright, gently but firmly press your right thumb into the sole and make five circles. Repeat this process and work your way along the sole of the foot, starting at a different place each time.

● Repeat with your partner’s right foot.


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