Guerlain 'The Christmas Collection'


Guerlain's seasonal collections get us as excited about the approach of Christmas as the switching on of Regent Street's lights or the window displays at Fortnum & Mason. And 2017's most certainly gets our hearts beating that bit faster – inspired, so we're told, by Ernest Hemingway's book A Moveable Feast, which is just bursting with a love for Paris that we share.

There are some real gems, here. Generally, we're not big on 'party make-up' – but there's something so flattering and universally wearable about this collection that we feel it's like adding an embellished Little Black Dress to your wardrobe. 


We probably won't be going as far as swooping a gold mascara onto to our lashes – but on the other hand, Gold Light Topcoat (£20.50) doubles as a hair mascara and a touch of gilding could be v-e-r-y pretty on a highlight.

We adore the Art Deco-style Palette Gold (£59) – in the main picture, above). Pure Gatsby, this, and with clever textures that can be used dry or wet, for extra intensity. Two blushers, six eye shades (some of which double as highlighters). 


For those who love the glimmering effect delivered by Guerlain Météorites, here's a sort of on-the-go option. (The famous 'pearls' are potentially way too messy to carry in your handbag – a spill equates to the eruption at Pompeii, but with shimmer). A dusting of Terracotta Gold Light (£44) on décolletage, a touch on brow-bones, even a cheek (if you're too young to have deep lines) – all very becoming, and feminine-feeling.

Last but not least: if you only swing for one Christmas make-up update, this year, you might want to make it one of two gorgeous limited edition Rouge G Lipsticks in the collection (£37 each) – both striking, incandescent reds, with 822 Glamorous Cherry designed for brunettes, while 832 Flaming Red is intended for blondes. (Jo's blonde and loves Glamorous Cherry, though, so try them on your skin before making up your mind.) The Rouge G compact is as hefty and luxurious as a lipstick case gets. (Very El Morocco.)

It may only be the start of November. But we are now, officially, mistletoe-ready.

£20.50-£59 - buy here