Georgie Wolfinden's 7 secrets of wellbeing


There are some people who just 'glow' - and Georgie Wolfinden has always been one of them. We've known her from her days running the Glowgetter website (which has taken a backseat to juggling a family with a busy health and wellbeing brand consultancy, Blossom Consulting), but having sat down with Georgie recently and discovered she's as glowing as ever, we thought we'd ask her to share her secrets, as part of this ongoing series. Hope you find them as inspirational as we do...

• I believe that being happy or living as many happy moments as you can shows on your face. So my New Year's Resolution for 2106 was to try observe what makes me happy and do more of it.

 I have discovered a fantastic supplement brand called Lumity. It's been developed by a very clever scientist; I take three of these capsules in the day and three  in the evening and my skin is glowing, hair glossier - but more importantly the night capsules are supporting me to sleep a full eight hours straight, which is pretty amazing.

• Yoga for me creates a freshness to the skin - maybe as it gets all of the blood flowing properly. With two little ones I don’t have much time, but I have discovered Movement for Modern Life: a fantastic online studio which offers a range of classes led by some of the best teachers in the world. Even if I have only 15 minutes it makes it achievable for me to do yoga regularly.

• I really believe in good fats. I love Jax Coco Coconut Oil. They do it in a jar but also they also recently launched Jax Coco Snaps which gives a serving in each snapable sachet. I add this coconut oil to my coffee to stop the blood sugar spiking and i even use it to take off my make-up when my skin is dry and sensitive.
• Adding magnesium salts to my bath at night has really improved the texture of my skin and it's also thought to be really detoxing and good for the nervous system. I buy them from
• One of my favourite brands is ILA skincare. The scent of the rose face oil is divine and very calming. I use it at night as a special treat; I believe that if there is good intention when a product is made that resonates to the end user and Denise at ila has one special lady blend the rose oil. I'm convinced that shows, in the product.
 I start the day with a glass of hot water and lemon. In addition, I take probiotics which has really helped improve my skin, making it clearer and smoother. As a special treat I sometimes have Ohso Probiotics Chocolate, too.
• Occasional facials are a must. When my skin is really feeling like it needs some tlc I pop in and see Jenna at Azure on 58 South Molton Street. her clever combination of combining holistic techniques with lasers and light makes my skin glow for days.
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