Code Beautiful Code FFL (Forget Fake Lashes)


There is occasionally a flurry of brand new make-up categories that we didn’t know we needed. A lash primer? Isn’t that just more faff than a morning needs? Not if you’ve got skinny lashes: Code FFL really does beef up even the finest, sparsest, shortest lashes. (The slimline wand makes it easy to access all of them, too.)

Basically, sweep the light brown formula through lashes, to thicken and hydrate. Wiggle a bit. (The brush, that is.) Wait 30 seconds for the formula to dry, and then add any mascara over the top: lashes simply ‘build’ like crazy, and don’t flake later.

Well worth finding room in your kit for, is our recommendation.

Code FFL (Forget Fake Lashes)/£18 at