FUL.VIC Fulvic Acid Nail Cream

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We’re constantly on the hunt for products that will make our nails happier. We garden. We wrangle horses (well, Sarah does). We rarely follow our own best advice to wear rubber gloves for washing up (in fact, can’t remember the last time we bought a pair…) The result? If we’re not careful, nails can edge towards being less-than-fah-bu-lous. 

But a few weeks with this on the bedside table seems to be making a difference: stronger, more resilient nails – and you’d have to get out a microscope to find our cuticles right now, we reckon. (Of course, nothing works just by sitting on the bedside table – the key is to use products diligently. But keeping them handy, ideally within our sightline, definitely helps as a reminder.)

The ‘star’ ingredient in FUL.VIC Fulvic Acid Nail Cream is (um) fulvic acid, an ionic mineral known for its power to help nails grow, resisting splits and peels (our biggest problem) while guarding against cracks and ridges. (Were we so minded, it also features tea tree and lemongrass oils for a triple anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, making this a good prevention against athlete’s foot. But happily, that’s not something we’re affected by right now.)

It’s ever-so-slightly, lightly citrus-scented (if we get really close to sniffing our nails), but sinks in fast and is decidedly pleasing to use. It’s the results which have impressed us, though: nails definitely peel less, flake less and are getting longer, bit by bit.

Gotta hand it to FUL.VIC, on this one.

£12 for 30ml – buy here