Ah, eyes. Windows of the soul, and all that – but often the first place to show up signs of ageing, which many women we know find really distressing. We always like to say: when someone looks at you, they’re not noticing your wrinkles. They’re looking at your actual eyes. (And hearing your voice, and clocking those nice earrings.) But that doesn’t obviate the need for an eye cream – and the good news is, most eye creams do more than tackle wrinkles, nowadays, with formulas that address dark circles, wrinkles, skin fragility and dryness. A tall order? Not if the winning products below are anything to go by. But what we would say is: THESE ONLY WORK IF YOU USE THEM. Twice a day. Religiously. But our Beauty Bible testers are always asked to follow instructions, and that’s why they so often see great results. Use sporadically, and you might as well not bother. (There. Beauty rant over.)


GOLD AWARD Kate Somerville Wrinkle Warrior Eye Gel

This sinks-in-swiftly formulation offers up a molecule called HA3, combining three different types of hyaluronic acid, together with white lupin and alfalfa to target under-eye puffiness while plumping wrinkles. There are yeast and plankton extracts to fight dark circles. Eye gels are great, NB, for anyone who finds they're sensitive to eye creams, which can sometimes ‘travel’ into the eye.


‘Top marks. A very lovely product in an easy to use pump, so you get just enough to apply and not waste. Sank in easily and quickly and I saw the difference immediately in my dark circles. It makes the skin around my eyes feel and look moisturised and firm. My make-up looks amazing and I am getting lots and LOTS of compliments. The fine lines are almost gone and it does seem to lift the eye area and make my eyes look brighter.  Amazingly, the dark circles are nearly gone too’ • ‘This has been one product that actually delivered what it promises! My eyes are not bad - a few fine lines, puffiness in the morning, and darkness under one eye. This one product took care of all of those issues from the start! My eyes are brighter and look amazing! It's like sleep in a jar for tired eyes! Just loved it!!’ • ‘This product is amazing I already spoke to my friends and relatives about all the benefits I have experienced. I couldn't believe the results. I’m so happy and lucky I could test this fabulous gel. This one is staying on my shelf for a long time’ • ‘I have been told I look brighter and more awake. Puffiness went down almost immediately, skin is firmer, and fine lines are much lighter, some gone. Although it had no visible effect on dark circles, everything else was very much better than I expected’ • ‘An easy to use eye gel, which absorbs quickly and makes skin feel comfortable and moisturised. After using for six weeks, I can see that there is a slight improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, crepeyness, puffiness and dark circles’ • ‘Light gel-like serum, which sank in easily but gave enough time to lightly massage in and spread. The skin around my eyes felt very hydrated and comfortable immediately. There was an instant subtle blurring of fine lines and crows feet around my eyes. After six weeks, there was a definite improvement in the look of my lines. They were much fainter. My crow's feet were heading out towards my temples prior to using this and now, after using for six weeks, the lines are much shorter and less obvious when my eyes are relaxed. I‘ve been told I look less tired’ • ‘This is a fantastic product and I loved using it, in fact, I don't want to go back to existing eye products after this. Having used lots of different eye products from loads of brands this one is my favourite as it genuinely does reduce lines and puffiness, while feeling hydrating. It also lasts really well as I found half a pump plenty for both eyes with enough left to pop on elevens lines! A definite winner.’

£51 for 9ml - click to buy


SILVER and BEST NATURAL AWARD Trilogy Very Gentle Eye Cream

For any product, 9/10 averaged across one of our tester panels is a very impressive score – but especially so when the eye cream in question is naturally-certified (by NATRUE, a reputable European certification body). A lightweight, cooling blend of plant oils and calming botanicals, this soothes with aloe vera and a patented natural ingredient called Syricalm,  and smooths with maqui berry. This ‘new superfruit’, as it’s being called, is mostly harvested by Chilean warriors – and this jar of maqui-powered wonder is certainly waging an effective war on tired, mature eyes.


‘A big 10 out of 10 for this. A tiny amount of this very lightweight product goes a long way. I trialed it on one eye and from the first application I felt a pleasant tightening effect under that eye. Over a period of time I can see a softening of the skin and blurring of fine lines. I’ve also noticed less puffiness after using it. It fits into my skincare routine very easily. I have very sensitive skin but no adverse reactions from this. Without doubt I will be purchasing this in the future and recommending it to others’ • ‘The eye cream has a lovely creamy texture without being too heavy. Really easy to apply; I put a few tiny drops round my orbital bone, a few gentle pats on the cream and it sank in beautifully with no greasiness or shine visible afterwards at all. At first it did feel a little tight but that soon settled down. When I looked in the mirror my eye area definitely looked hydrated and moisturised. Over time there was a slight improvement in fine lines under my eyes and dark circles’ • ‘This made my under eye area feel soothed and look refreshed – more awake then I probably was… likely due to having aloe vera as one of the key ingredients. I love that Trilogy is a high quality brand with a focus on natural ingredients, without the hefty price tag!’ • ‘I loved this product more than I thought I would. I had used my previous eye cream for years and wasn’t looking to move away but I will now be doing so. This is great for my dry under eyes. I haven’t found fine lines have improved but I have found a big difference with how moisturised my under eye has felt. I have always suffered with dry eyes and the skin feeling tight and dry around and this has made a big difference. I highly recommend it’ • ‘This has had a very very positive effect on crêpiness. Also I have found a big difference with how moisturised my under eye has felt. I have always suffered with dry eyes and the skin feeling tight and dry around the eye area; this has made a big difference. I plan on buying more as soon as it runs out, as I don’t want to be without it’ • ‘There was instant improvement. I was very impressed. The skin appeared more radiant and healthier. I think the product more than lived up to its claims. It promises to soothe and calm while protecting delicate eyes. It says that cooling aloe vera provides relief for tired and delicate eyes. It also provides radiance and the skin around my eyes looks healthier. My skin never looked so good!’

£23.50 for 25ml - click to buy 


BRONZE AWARD L’Occitane Immortelle Divine Eye Balm

From a range that has consistently done incredibly well in our Beauty Bible Awards over the past few years, another winner in the form of a soft, aromatic eye cream showcasing L’Occitane’s signature age-defying immortelle oil – an aromatic harvested especially for them in Corsica. Other plant elements include rose floral water, shea butter, myrtle and a horse chestnut extract, together with mattifying powders. L’Occitane tell us this can be layered on from the jar more thickly and used an eye ‘mask’, too.


‘10/10! Historically, I have always struggled with eye products to the point I had stopped using anything, as I was getting very puffy eyes the next morning. So I was a little reticent to try this, but I was sold after the first application. It's such a gorgeous texture and sinks straight in without dragging the skin. My skin felt tighter and smoother, like my eyes had lift off! There is definitely a blurring effect. Longer term it left skin very soft, a dry patch under one eye has gone and the skin under my eyes is noticeably tighter. I’ve been told I’m looking very good several times’ • ‘A lovely product that I would buy and recommend to others. It sank in easily and quickly and my skin felt very moisturised the first morning after using it and this continued. I felt the blackness under my eyes did improve quite quickly. My daughter said my eyes looked improved’ • ‘This just melted into my skin and I noticed instantly that fine lines were definitely blurred. After some weeks the skin is plumper round my eyes and looks smoother, wrinkles are less prominent, eyes look brighter, puffiness reduced and dark circles lighter, plus a definite improvement in crêpiness. I am amazed and would definitely recommend. I will buy more’ • ‘Another product from the excellent l'Occitane immortelle range, which definitely delivers on most of its promises. It sunk in immediately, without dragging the skin. The skin felt soothed and soft - lovely. After several weeks, the skin around the eye seemed brighter as it was more hydrated, soft and dewy. Fine lines looked smoother’ • ‘It was fantastic to apply and my skin easily absorbed the cream. I have been testing this cream in the heat and it is perfect, certainly light on the skin but at the same time hydrating and moisturising. I am not sure about instant results but maybe a little blurring of the lines around my right eye which I can really notice this year. After six weeks, all the fine lines definitely seem improved. They haven't gone, but I am sure the cream and keeping hydrated has improved my eye area massively’ • ‘Overall this is a really nice eye cream; it left my skin feeling very nourished and conditioned - which in turn helps with softening of lines around my eyes. Make-up went on well on top.’

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