Fresh Sugar Wonder Drops Advanced Therapy


Red lipstick, perfectly applied (time to get that lip brush out of retirement, readers) is one of autumn’s hottest make-up stories. 

But that calls for lips that are smooth-as-silk, smooth-as-satin – not a flake in sight. This, then – from the wonderful Fresh, which we’ve been fans of since we first met founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg sort of back in the Jurassic age of beauty – is a leave-on treatment, a kind of gentle peel for lip. It’sabsolutely not a balm (it leaves lips matte), but works invisibly to gently exfoliate and soften. 

It feels like nothing so much as water – but it doesn’t give them a drink;. Instead, natural sugar and fruit extracts, together with hibiscus flower extract, gently exfoliate lips to improve signs of damage and create a perfect canvas for lip balm and colour. After just a few days of use (actually, it’s designed to be used night and morning), we truly noticed a difference – agreeing with Fresh’s own testers that lips were softer, and that colour glides on more evenly and looks smoother. 

Fresh Sugar Wonder Drops Advanced Therapy might sound like just another step in your skincare regime – but you’ll be glad you added it in, as that scarlet, cherry or pillarbox red lipstick glides on like a dream. 

£21.50 – buy here