Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant


There are Cadbury's Dairy Milk-type chocolate body products - and then there are those that are your 70% variety. (No prizes for guessing which we're drawn to.) Not so much a scrub, more a sludge, this - but oh, we're loving the effects on skin that needs a little extra TLC right now. It's made from crushed cocoa nibs, ground ultra-fine, blended with nourishing cocoa butter - so it leaves skin velvety, as well as brighter-looking, deliciously scented with good quality chocolate.

Another excellent innovation from Fresh, whose range is sometimes off-puttingly vast, but is so worth exploring - and also well worth the swish with the spray attachment to swoosh away any residue. (The 'bits' aren't so uncomfortable as to spoil a bath, NB)

A new favourite winter skin-brightener - albeit one which leaves us ever-so-slightly hungry.

Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant/£35 for 240 g at