Clinique Pretty Easy Eye Palette


So: Clinique's taking a leaf out of Bobbi Brown's book with this fabulous palette. In some style. (We can get away with saying that because they have the same parent company, Estée Lauder!)

Not only is it filled with a perfect capsule wardrobe of wearable shades - the make-up equivalent of everything from a cream silk shirt to a Little Black Dress - but there are two baby 'Skinny Stick' Quickliner-style eyeliners tucked inside (so much more useful than brushes, which we lose in about three milliseconds).

And - perhaps best of all - on the mirror there's a how-to diagram telling you which numbered shade to apply where, for two different looks: 'Naturally Pretty' and 'Dramatically Pretty'.

Kindergarten easy-peasiness meets red carpet glamour. Not many palettes you can say that about.

Clinique Pretty Easy Eye Palette/£35 at