Flo Tampons


This isn't ice cream. It's the cutest-packaged sanitary protection we've ever seen, from an incredibly innovative company set up by a dynamic London School of Economics graduate, Tara Chandra, which we predict is going to turn the tampon world on its head. (As it were.)

Created from organic cotton and organically-grown bamboo, biodegradeable and hypoallergenic, these marry cheeky styling with sustainability – and a social conscience. (Flo will give 5% to projects like Bloody Good Period, who provide sanitary protection for asylum seekers and the homeless, and to the Red Box Project, which does the same at schools for girls in need.)

They do make pads as well as tampons – and cleverly, there's a subscription service. If you subscribe – £4.99 each month – a pink (actually, 'Beauty Bible pink'!) box will slip through your letterbox, containing all that the average woman needs to keep her covered for her period. Alternatively, the Applicator Tampon Pack (8 regular and six super tampons, in these 'ice cream container' packs are £5.19. (The equivalent combo pack of Bamboo Pads has 10 Day + 5 Night pads.) And free shipping, via Royal Mail.

When we were growing up, periods where whispered about – almost shameful, for many young women. We love how Flo is adding a flourish of humour, style and colour to something that's a fact of women's lives.

Go, Flo!

From £4.99 – buy here