Weleda Skin Food Light (and other newness!)


Well, this only happens once every few decades. Weleda have never been a launch-a-minute kind of brand – it simply doesn’t fit with their ethos. (Weleda products are NATRUE-certified natural and with high levels of organics, always, NB.)

Skin Food’s been around since 1926 – and it’s taken them almost 100 years to add to the line-up! But they’ve unveiled not one, not two but THREE new skin treats, to sit beside the iconic original.

Now, personally, we love the richness of the original Skin Food – it’s something we often advise people to turn to when their skin’s flaring up. But not everyone wants that kind of rich texture (notably combination skintypes).

So, with its slightly more grass-green packaging, Skin Food Light has an airier texture, yet includes all the same healing botanicals: calendula, chamomile, viola tricolor and rosemary. (It retains the signature sweet orange and lavender light fragrance that so many love.)

Two other skin treats have joined the line-up, too: Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm/£6.95 – great for chapped lips (and suitable for the gluten-intolerant), and a chunky big 150ml tub of Skin Food Body Butter, a truly luscious blend with an air-wipped texture, yet which retains all the mega-nourishing power of Weleda Skin Food’s signature cocoa butter and shea butter.

We really hope it doesn’t take them another 93 years to extend this wonderful skincare line even further.

Weleda Skin Food/£12.50 for 75ml – buy here

Weleda Skin Food Light/£7.95 for 30ml – buy here

Weleda Skin Food Lip Balm/£6.95 for 8ml – buy here

Weleda Skin Food Body Butter/£18.95 for 150ml – buy here