Simple Minis


We honestly couldn’t count how often we’ve recommended Simple skincare to people. To sensitive-skinned women and men, whose complexions have been overloaded. To people on medication which has made their skin touchy. And very often to teenagers embarking on their skincare journey for the first time – because while they may be tempted to reach for paint-stripper-esque products, that’s the worst thing for young skins, which instead need to be balanced with lots of TLC).

So we’re really taken with these very adorably packaged, super-affordable pouches, which act as a perfect introduction to their hero products – Micellar Cleansing Water, Moisturising Facial Wash, Refreshing Facial Wash, Eye Make-up Remover, Hydrating Light Moisturiser and Protecting Light Moisturiser (not photographed above, but it features an SPF15).

They’re absolutely brilliant for travel and compared to other 50ml products, contain 62% less plastic. What we also very much applaud is that because they’re squishable, you can squeeze every last atom of product out of the container at the end of its life (and even scissor the packaging open easily, for that final smoosh).

Small wonders, in every way.

£1.99 each for 50ml – buy here