001 Skincare CRYOpress


We love a gadget for smoothing out the face. Rollers, jade stones, you name it. Way more effective than fingers.

Beyond that, we love a COLD gadget which works just so well to give skin a glow and dispel fluid build-up. Which means we’re really feeling the love for 001 CRYOpress: a facial roller which you put in the freezer to chill right down, and then work across your skin following specific massage techniques documented on the packaging.

It has an accompanying Alpha-Glow Flash Facial. We’ll be honest: this went AWOL at around the first time we tried the CRYOpress, but we got amazing results with our existing skincare products. Firmer contours. Gorgeous glow. Reduced facial tension, as it just smooths that clenched jaw away, giving the face a wonderful workout.

They promise other benefits, though we can’t personally attest to these: that it may improve stress-related skin conditions like rosacea and acne, regenerate tissue and minimise pore size. 

We've also a suggestion for an alternative use for this – which is that if you’re having hot flushes, you could pretty much roll it all over your body, for relief!

We are truly impressed, looking in the mirror, and now do this regularly. But perhaps the thing we love the most: the way the cooling action also seems to work on a frazzled brain.

Definitely a bonus, at this time of year!

£75 – buy here