Feed Your Face by Jessica Wu

Rosacea.  Hives.  Eczema.  Flaking nails.  Dry skin. We get e-mails and letters all the time from women suffering from the above - and so many other beauty challenges - wanting info about lotions and potions to smooth in/slap on, which might help the problem.

But often (and it's sometimes hard for women to hear this), the bottom line is that our skin is what we eat.  (Hair and nails, too.)

Now, we've always advocated this inside-out approach to beauty, alongside products.  But this excellent book from Hollywood A-list dermatologist and Harvard graduate Dr. Jessica Wu literally hands you the answers to many common beauty challenges on a plate.  It contains fascinating case histories.  Scrummy recipes.  And general nutritional tips for beating everything from Keratosis pilaris ('chicken skin') to flushing, psoriasis to allergic reactions.

What's more, because the skin is the last organ in the body to get the nutrients we ingest, you'll also end up with a rather gorgeous pancreas, liver and gall bladder, too.

Food for thought indeed.


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