Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Makeup

Working on the basis it will, it WILL ultimately warm up in the UK, we're alerting you to a great summer foundation.  Which could also prove the perfect year-round base for oilier/shine-prone complexions. It covers without clogging and really does have a lightweight, gel-cream texture that even foundation-avoiders should warm to.

We also think it's a great 'starter' foundation for younger skins - it's 'non-comedogenic', so it won't clog pores or trigger spots.  But it'll help conceal existing outbreaks, without looking putty-ish.

What we really applaud, though, is the fact that this very budge-proof innovation comes in 20 shades, including some excellent darker tones.

Now:  for that hot, humid weather, please, to put it through its paces...

UK readers find Clinique Stay-Matte Oil-Free Make-Up/£21.50 for 30 ml - click here

UK readers find it/$23 at - click here