Face Halo


There are some products that just have to be tried to believed.

To say that we were a tad cynical when we first tried Face Halo is a bit of an understatement, though. It beggared belief: a microfibre pad that can not only remove every last speck of foundation, lipstick, etc., but actually the last traces of a particularly stubborn mascara, too.

Yeah, right. Really? Uh-uh. We don’t think so. If this works, we’ll eat our hats, we figured.

Well, better pass us that hat. Because this simple round pad – see below for a view of the flipside – is some kind of miracle-worker. Dampen the Face Halo slightly, work into skin and it’ll be as clean as it’s ever been. Use it on eyes – wet it well and hold in place while you chant ‘Halo, Halo, Halo’ six times, they recommend! – and as we say, every atom of mascara and the smokiest eyeliner end up on the pad, not your eye zone.

It’s made of microfibres, which attract dirt – just like dusters you can use around the house. And the soft texture’s rather soothing, as it’s working its magic. The one downside, so far as we can tell, is that the pad is really and truly grubby afterwards, and we like to use it once and wash it or the ‘ewwwww’ factor’s a bit much. (You’ll get a LOT of gunk on that pad, and it doesn’t all rinse away - although it is removed by a go in the washing machine, on a white wash. NB Don’t use fabric conditioner – it interferes with how the fibres work, we’re told.) You might need to rotate quite a few pads – as a lot of women do with muslin cloths, of course – to ensure each time you use one, it’s spick and span.

Where we think they’ll also score is with women who like to travel with hand luggage – you can just pack them with your clothes, rather than having a bottle of cleanser in your zip-up security cosmetics bag.

There’s a great video demo here on their US website, if you’re still unconvinced.

Us? We’re about to munch our way through that enormous hat.

£18 for three pads – buy here