ESPA Beauty Explorer Collection

Beauty Explorer Campaign Shot 2018.jpg

All travel kits are not created equal. (Although to be fair, most travel kits prove to be an excellent way of trialling products before swinging for the full size. Or, importantly, NOT – as the case may be.)

But we're going to stick our (nicely-moisturised) necks out, here: this is one of the best travel kits we've ever seen/swooned over/used. It helps that it's from ESPA – and at some point or other, we've probably individually reviewed everything in this really well-designed grey zip-up travel bag, on the site.

These are generous sizes – definitely enough for over a week away. And there's not one thing that we feel is superfluous to requirements, or a waste of packing space – that's how well edited it is.

So, inside, find...

Purifying Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner (50 ml each) – Jo happens to keep full sizes of this at our hairdresser in her own private 'stash'. (Sssssshh.)

Pink Hair and Scalp Mud (30 ml) – what can we say? A legend and a Beauty Bible Award-winner several times over.

Energising Shower Gel (30 ml) – we love the eucalyptus and peppermint zing of this, which would be brilliant after a long flight.

Skin Rescue Balm (15 ml) - you might want to take this out of the grey bag and stow it in your hand luggage, actually, as a great multi-tasker.

Smooth and Firm Body Butter (30 ml) – super-rich, wonderfully nourishing, an excellent after-sun skin quencher as well as an all-round fab body treat.

Optimal Skin ProCleanser (30 ml) – a three-in-one effective cleanser, scrub and mask.

Hydrating Flora Spafresh Spritzer (12 ml) – one of the only facial spritzes we'd give shelf-space to, frankly.

Optimal Skin ProSerum (10 ml) – powered by omega 3, 6 and 9 oils, and wonderfully replenishing.

Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser (15 ml) – that drink of water holiday (and in-flight) skin really needs.

You could cram it all into one of those plastic in-flight bags (just) – but we'd recommend keeping out the moisturiser and Rescue Balm.

£65– buy here