Erborian Yuza Sorbet Night and Erborian Yuza Lotion


A couple of weeks ago while in Paris, we headed for Erborian's store near the Opéra caught up with Katalin Bernie. She's the dynamic (and lovely) founder of a range that truly brings the best of Korean beauty and makes it understandable – and usable – by those of us in the West who can't always get our heads around the somewhat obscure, complicated and arcane rituals espoused by Korean women. Though quite young, Erborian's already a large range – so how do you navigate it...? To make life easier, Katalin invited us to try her personal favourites – including this duo here – and from the first moment, we fell in love with the textures and zesty scents of the Yuza collection.

The Erborian Yuza Lotion, actually, has converted us to the idea of beauty 'lotions' – which aren't toners, exactly, but actually deliver skincare ingredients in their own right. A couple of drops in the palm, pressed into skin, really add vibrance, plumpness, hydration and vitality while delivering a delicious, citrusy wake-up call to the senses. (Yuza is an Oriental member of the citrus family.)

And then comes the luscious Yuza Sorbet Night. (There is a day version, NB.) Described as a 'Reinforced Nighttime Emulsion, whipped and airy in texture, it's light yet truly hydrating, featuring sweet almond oil and a generous dose of antioxidants. There's liquorice, too, to combat pigmentation. This, we think, would be a completely brilliant night product for combination skins – because it's deliciously lush, but not in the least greasy.

Natural beauty giant L'Occitane has taken a stake in Erborian – which show just how seriously this brand is being taken – but Katalin continues to globe-trot, translating Korean ideas for the rest of us to enjoy.

Long may she keep it up, frankly, if products like this are the result.

Erborian Yuza Sorbet Night/£44 for 50ml and Erborian Yuza Double Lotion/£26 for 190ml buy now