Erborian This Is The Hand

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 15.33.21.png

We’d never put make-up on the backs of our hands. Even the most stay-put formulations would rub off. But this? This cleverly delivers some of the same line-blurring effects, but in a hand cream.

We’ve a hunch (though Erborian aren’t specifically sharing this) that the secret is down to optical pigments – something Erborian are very, very good at. (Their BB and CC creams are among the best we know.)

White ginseng certainly features, for antioxidant/anti-wrinkle benefits, and thanks to the shea butter and glycerine it’s nicely moisturising without being too rich.

Dinkily-sized (20 ml), that makes it the perfect handbag tube. And if you’re worried your hands are giving your age away (blue veins, paperiness), smooth in whenever you need a bit of on-the-go hand confidence.

£9.50 for 20 ml – buy here