Emma Hardie Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist

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Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing with you some of our own favourite ‘finds’ from the hot-ticket Cosmetic Executive Women Product Demo evening, held recently at Olympia.

For Beauty Bible, it’s a fantastic ‘speed-dating’ opportunity to discover or reacquaint ourselves with some stellar products – not least because brands tend only to put their ‘heroes’ forward for the beauty cognoscenti to vote on. (CEW is the UK beauty industry’s networking organisation.) The best of the best, if you like.

Case in point, this mist – from one of our favourite facialists. When it says ‘hydrating’, Emma’s not joking. It’s properly, lastingly skin-quenching – unlike most facial mists, the results of which may be short-lived (and in many cases, with sprays that are basically water, actually dehydrate the skin).

Key ingredients are watermint (which makes for a lovely smell), and a massive dose of hyaluronic acid that truly does moisturise and plump.

We’re using it for a quick ‘quench’ during the day in our centrally heated office. It doesn’t disturb make-up and dries to a matte finish; in fact, Emma maintains it’s shine-controlling. But (despite the slightly long tube with an atomizer on the end), we’ll definitely be trying to fit this into our hand luggage – pretty confident it will prove the ultimate mid-flight skin drink.

 £36 for 90 ml – buy here