Dr.Hauschka Regenerating Hand Cream

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A weekend in Paris just did for Jo’s hands – it was sub-zero temperatures from dusk till dawn, with central heating ramped up to higher-than-toasty, indoors. The result? Dry, papery and actually quite sore paws.

Back home and a few twice-daily generous squirts of this repairing, nourishing new pump-action cream from Dr.Hauschka later, however, has been all it takes to restore hands to velvety smoothness.

It’s always news when Dr.Hauschka launches anything – they’re not marketing-driven, so innovation is worth sitting up and taking note of. As with everything they make, it’s free from all synthetics, 100% natural (and certified thus by NATRUE).

What this does have is lashings of cocoa butter, avocado, jojoba and olive oils, along with medicinal plant extracts – quince seeds, red clover and more – to stimulate skin’s natural resilience, and ultimately help regenerate and restore elasticity. It can also be slathered on ultra-generously as a hand mask – but Jo didn’t even need that, for normal silky service to be restored.

A great addition to the winter beauty arsenal.

£19 for 50 ml – buy here