Diptyque L’Art du Soin Infused Face Oil


Just one of the prettiest beauty products we’ve used in a long, long time – but that’s not the only reason to love this addition to Diptyque’s lovelier-than-lovely skincare range. It’s always been a little bit under the beauty radar, this collection ­– eclipsed somewhat by the candles and fragrances so many of us do know and love. But here’s a reason to head Diptyque-wards: to try out this sublime L'Art du Soin Infused Face Oil, in which the rosepetals which help to power it are actually visible in the bottle.

The formula also contains white iris oleate (for radiance), sweet almond oil (for nourishment), meadow grass oil (it’s ‘plumpifying’), and something called pastel flower oil which delivers a dry-oil feel, so that it’s not sticky, cloggy or oily.

The fragrance itself is – no surprises – gloriously rosy, with hints of powdery iris, too – and bitter almond tempering the sweetness.

Two other treats have launched at the same time, in this second phase of Diptyque L’Art du Soin collection: you might also check out Essential Face Cream (£50 for 50 ml) and a nifty little tube of Nourishing Lip Balm (£16), with its violet-rose bouquet. (Got to be the nicest packaging for a lip balm we’ve ever seen.)

The bottom line is that the collection is pure, sensual pleasure to use – and that’s such a huge part of beauty, for us: when you like something, it encourages diligent application.

And that’s when everything starts coming up roses, in terms of complexion improvements…

Diptyque L’Art du Soin Infused Face Oil/£48 for 30 ml at diptyqueparis.co.uk

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