ColorWow Dream Smooth Professional Paddle Brush


In the run-up to Christmas, what’s a hairbrush doing on our pages? Well frankly, if you haven’t finished your ‘Dear Santa’ list and sent it off to the North Pole, you want to add this to it NOW.

We’re not sure they’ll forgive us for saying it, but it’s like a Mason Pearson on steroids. A mix of kind-to-hair natural boar and nylon bristles which actually GRIP Jo’s hair. (Which a Mason Pearson never has. Just skims over the surface and skates right off again.) It’s great for blow-drying, allowing you to get the right tension for a really smooth finish (and even speeding up the process).

It’s also fab for just – well, BRUSHING! Which kinda went out of fashion with our grannies and their 100 strokes a night, but this makes us want to bring that habit back. It smooths, without flattening and feels great on the scalp. (Small wonder that our friend Gill Sinclair has given it a Victoria Health Award, in her annual run-down of stellar products.)

And was there ever a sexier-looking hairbrush? (We just hope Santa resists the temptation to use it on his beard, en route to our chimneys.)

£28 – buy here