Clinique Even Better Refresh Hydrating & Repairing Foundation


One of the big surprises with Clinique Even Better Refresh Foundation is how very, very little you need for really good, high coverage. In fact, the first couple of time we tried this – first of all with a microfibre foundation brush (our all-time favourite tool for application), and secondly with fingers, we overdid it and had to take it right off again.

The key, we’ve discovered, is to add just a dab at a time – which in turn means that the coverage is weightless, yet really amazingly concealing for red, broken veins. (And, we imagine, rosacea.)

The finish is incredibly dewy and hydrating, but not I’m-having-a-hot-flush glowy. This is down to the high levels of moisturising ingredients like glycerine and good old hyaluronic acid, which make for a skin-quenching texture. Once blended seamlessly, it really stays put. Clinique promise 24 hours – but do we LOOK like dirty stop-outs??? Very tenacious, anyway – and yet a great choice for women who don’t like the feel of foundation, because it’s so airy-textured.

For longer-term age-defying effects, Clinique have incorporated skin-smoothing hyaluronic acid and peptides – but to be honest, that’s not the point here; you should look to skincare truly to work on lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, rather than your face base.

And the last refreshing thing about tis? Commendably, there are 27 shades, covering every skintone.

£30 for 30ml – buy here