Childs Farm SPF30 Sensitive Suncare


This is for those with small people with touchy skins. According to Childs Farm, as many as one in five under-fives suffers from atopic eczema, and that’s something founder Joanna Jensen had in mind creating this latest addition to the line-up. (Find it exclusively at Boots and Childs Farm website.)

Water-resistant, with high protection, there are several different formats – traditional flip-top squeezy tubes, a great Sun Spray SPF30 (for easier application), and perhaps our favourite of all: SPF30 Roll-on Sun Cream, which is so fun to apply that it definitely helps cut down on the usual wriggling/Houdini escape attempts.

The creams can be used on newborns – although received advice is not to expose children under six months to the sun. But beyond that, it’s also been formulated to offer skin-friendly protection for grown-ups, shielding against UVA and UVB while offering welcome moisture.

Because – as we know ourselves – you definitely don’t have to be a tiddler to have touchy, eczema-prone or sensitive skin.

SPF30 Sun Cream/£12 for 125ml – buy here

SPF30 Sun Cream/£7 for 50ml – buy here

SPF30 Sun Spray/£12 for 125ml – buy here

SPF30 Roll-on Sun Cream/£12 for 70ml – buy here

After Sun/£3.99 for 100ml – buy here