We're looking for testers who'd like more energy...!


Would you like to feel more zippy and energised? A fab, reputable supplement brand of which we’re big fans would like to offer 50 Beauty Bible readers a one-month trial of a naturally-based, once-a-day supplement designed to up your energy levels – and report back to us.

Do you fit the bill? We’re looking for…

Women between 35-44 years old, living in an urban environment (i.e., London, Manchester, Liverpool and the wider suburbs etc.), with a hectic lifestyle juggling everything we have to manage, nowadays – work/business, family, friends.

You should already have a healthy lifestyle – maybe yoga, juices, walking – but you’d like an extra feel-good solution to benefit your mood, alertness, stress, sleep quality, energy levels, general wellbeing. The aim? You’ll be able to make the most of your everyday life and juggle more easily, while staying calm and balanced.

To optimize the trial, you shouldn’t currently be taking supplements or anti-depressant medication.

If all that sounds good to you, please click the link to the Beauty Bible Facebook page here, you can find the post at the top of our page and register there – and we’ll get back to the first 50 of you. (NB You do need to commit to taking the supplement regularly for a month – and promise to fill in our questionnaire. NB We will be sharing your details with the supplement brand so that they can send out your month’s supply.)