Karl Lagerfeld for ModelCo


Mostly on Beauty Bible we feature things because they’re really sensible, functional, flattering, wearable…

Or because our Beauty Bible testers have put something through its paces and declared it worthy of splashing your cash on.

And sometimes we just go completely and utterly tonto for something stupidly wonderful. Enter Karl Lagerfeld for Model Co. with a massive, innovative collaboration with the Aussie brand., which you can find here on Cult Beauty

Caveat: we haven’t tried this. But we honestly don’t need to. There are 52 items, for God’s sake – mascaras, glosses, lip balms (in Karl-shaped compacts!, illuminators.

Oh, and stickers. STICKERS. With cats on (Karl’s cat, Choupette – who of course has an Instagram account of her own, with 110,000+ followers).

Honestly, we’re nine again.

From £7.50-48 – buy here