Chanel UV Essentiel Complete Protection SPF50


Well, if this launch from Chanel doesn’t get you using a high SPF on your face, nothing will. 

Honestly the most gorgeously-textured face protector we’ve used in all our born days, it has one of those delectable gel-crème textures which feel so skin-quenching and comfy.

Wonderfully refreshing and hydrating, smoothing it in leaves skin very healthy-looking but isn’t tacky – a great base for make-up, in fact. The lightweight tube makes it very handbag-friendly – now, we can understand you might not want to reapply over make-up, but it’s handy to have for topping up protection of the neck and décolletage, which are so vulnerable to sun damage. (And so, so tricky to repair, once the damage has done.) This also happens to feature ingredients to protect against pollution, as well as to prevent skin pigmentation.

Now, as people who like to bone up on the sun protection facts know, there is in reality very little difference between an SPF30 and SPF50 – only a teensy bit more in an SPF50. As important, frankly, is having a product whose texture you want to apply daily, because you love using it.

And you will, you will. Ideally, every darned day from now through till at least October.

£46 for 30ml – buy here