Chanel Les Pinceaux de Chanel Retractable Brushes

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 16.17.36.png

There is one big problem with carrying your make-up brushes around in your make-up bag.

They tend to transfer their make-up ‘cargo’ to the inside of the bag itself – all a bit unpleasant and grubby-making.

As this is a really, really good time for updating and cleaning your kit – New Year fresh starts and all that – so you might want to consider gradually building a collection of Chanel's brilliant dual-ended babies.

There are brushes for Concealer (sponge one end, brush the other), brows (one angled end, one brow-grooming tool), eyeshadow and a brilliant Retractable Dual Tip Eye-Contouring Brush.

It pretty much goes without saying they’re all superb quality.

They’ll all help keep the inside of your make-up kit pristine.

And they’re CHANEL!

What more can we add?

£38 – buy here